The Pioneers: Surviving Desolation

The Pioneers offers a brand new gaming experience that blends strategy, simulation, RPG and exploration genres. Take control of three randomly selected astronauts from the Io-1 mission crew and battle the harsh environment of Jupiter’s satellite.

Available on Steam

Planet Earth. 2084.

We are facing a lack of natural resources and major energy companies are leading space exploration programs across the solar system. While our planet is dying under a fog of pollution, your scientific crew is sent to Io to conduct an in-depth study of the soil and its mining potential. Everything seems to be under control... until your approaching ship crashes. In The Pioneers, you control three space engineers with complementary specialties. Manage your resources and the needs of your pioneers, expand and improve your space station, explore a vast world with systemic settings for infinite replayability.

The Pioneers is in early access. Major updates are regularly added to the game experience to keep the content growing.
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