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The Pioneers : surviving desolation is an upcoming 3D space survival/simulation indie video game where players will have to manage a group of specialists crashed on Io.

From the macro management of a space station to the micro management of the characters, The Pioneers will challenge players to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

The Pioneers is currently at a playtest stage. If you want to help the devs, do not hesitate to join us on Discord and register through the #inscription-playtest channel

La Game Cup winner

La Game Cup 2020 Winner

French indie game contest


About the game

Our first video game, currently under development…

It is the second half of the 21st century and our planet Earth has been drained of most of its precious resources. The lack of fossil fuels and metals rapidly becomes a problem for companies and businesses alike, unable to ensure the sustainable production and distribution of goods and services.




To prevent the end of modern society, mega corporations invest
massively in space programs in order to reach and exploit unique objects of our solar system. One of these promising missions was imagined and funded by the Octal Corporation, one of the leaders in fossil and solar energy. From the year 2070 to 2083, Octal studied Io, the innermost moon of Jupiter and landed tons of engineering equipment on its surface to prepare its first inhabited scientific mission.




Earth. 2084. It is time for you to play your part in this story. You
are in charge of Io-1, a 15 member crew mission that will have to reach Io and the robotically assembled station which is waiting for you on the surface of one of the most hostile places in our solar system. Your daily life will be harsh, because of lo’s extreme temperatures and seismic activity. But do not worry, you are well prepared. Everything is going to be ok… or almost.

Io rover The Pioneers

Game features

Crew configurations

Each game will let you play with 3 random survivors among a pool of 15. Try different combinations and unlock characters for an extended replayability.

Resource management

Collect resources to craft helpful equipment, produce water and vegetables to keep your crew alive, healthy and efficient.


Customize your space station with many science and engineering systems. Prioritize, upgrade and optimize depending of your strategy.

Deadly hazards

Volcanoes, seismic activity and magnetic storms constantly threaten your crew. Do not forget to check the weather reports if you do not want to die.


Board a rover or a flying drone to gather scattered resources previously landed on Io's surface. Discover a systemic world that evolves during the game.

And more to be developed

Character personalities and interactions, tech and ability trees, procedural features…


We are an indie team from France and Belgium.
Some of us are video game professionals, others are just skilled amateurs but we are all passionate about games.


We would love to hear what you think about the game.