[EN] Video changelog v 0.1.6

What’s new this week ?

Changelog v 0.1.6 (2019.08.26)

Major changes

  • Production of home-made animations for the character’s movements.
  • Realistic orbits of celestial objects with the addition of a four-level parallax system (which uses multiple cameras).
  • New home-made shaders for Jupiter and the sun that have been created with the new Unity3D shader graph system. We are now able to render Jupiter’s atmosphere and some light effects such as a solar eclipse.
  • Addition of a High Dynamic Range skybox that contains more information about the lighting.
  • UI integration of the armoury system to allow for the storage of equipment, but also the manufacture of tools.

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Refactoring of the animation and action systems in order to use the root motion.


  • Research work on the character’s faces. Workflow establishment and creation of two character’s faces (one man and one woman).
  • Graphical work on the UI “station inventory” that will allow for the management of resources.
  • Workflow establishment for the terrain tile system.

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