[EN] Original soundtrack discovery #2

[EN] Original soundtrack discovery #2

Johany Berland is the soundtrack composer of THE PIONEERS Surviving Desolation. He started composing the main theme several months ago and aimed to create something iconic, involving as many of his and our musical references and influences as possible. The theme also had to be a strong foundation to the entire soundtrack. This sample should be seen as a bonus and remains a temporary version of the main theme. The final version will be entirely re-orchestrated !

It is not all about video game soundtracks.

Films, such as Interstellar and The Martian, play a key part in our imagination, and of course, so do master composers like John Williams. Yet we want to give our soundtrack a unique style and freshness. We want to avoid the overused epic melodies that are so often found in video games. For us, nothing is more important than drawing on as many music references and horizons as we can. Nevertheless, good video game soundtracks like the Frostpunk or the famous Mass effect do exist and are undeniably inspirational too.

A storyline in its own right.

The main theme is built in three parts linked together by a flowing narrative and emotional background. The first part, which is wide and powerful, announces the cosmic setting of the game and suggests the massive presence of Jupiter in the sky of IO. Time for contemplation is brief however and shortened by the second and darkest part of the theme. This is where the cathedral organ makes its first appearance, and it imposes a dramatic and deadly atmosphere. It promises that settling on IO will be far from easy. But there is hope. And the third and last part of the theme illustrates the upcoming adventure: it’s time to survive desolation! 

The soundtrack’s centerpiece.

As we said before, the main theme is a fundamental part of the entire soundtrack. Some of the main instruments will be heard again, like the organ, and so will several fragments of the original melody. The rhythmic elements will become more obvious during the stressful and critical moments of the game. But our primary ambition is to keep to the main theme’s style and to our original inspirations.

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