[EN] Video changelog v 0.1.5

What’s new this week ?

Changelog v 0.1.5 (2019.08.18)

Major changes

  • Upgrade of the project in HDRP. This change will allow us to work with a more varied selection of lightings, also more realistic and effective, as well as incredibly realistic VFX. The volumetric light effects bring a sci-fi touch as well.
  • Creation of a first version of the exterior environment in HDRP.
  • Character statistics (competences and personality points). As of today, the 15 characters have their starting statistics completed.
  • Completion of the lift system. We can now move from floor to floor via the action or pathfinding systems.
  • Inventory drag & drop system updated to excluded wrong object types.

Minor changes and bug fixes

  • Refactoring of the data system to improve performances.


  • In depth tests of several character animation softwares.
  • Research work on the characters (EVA suits + heads)

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