[EN] The Pioneers logo

[EN] The Pioneers logo

Hi, I’m Bastien, 2D artist & UI designer on The Pioneers – Surviving Desolation.

My daily work is mostly done interacting with Romain, our Lead Game Designer and Art Director who crafted the very first drafts of the UI. Of course, I’m also at the service of the whole team as everybody is awaiting my visuals to work…

When I joined the project, lots of visual ideas had already been thought of and all of the basics where define by Romain: a strong and elegant identity build around dark green, dark grey and orange. So, at first, I only had to adapt this identity and be sure to be at the expected level of excellence !

My first task was settling in the group and working on the V1 of the user interface. But I’ll get back on that in my next article…

Today, I want to tell you about one of my pride : our Logo !

After settling in I jump right into creating the first drafts of what will be the logo and graphic identity of the game. My first trials were elegant and ethereal… and the team reminded me that – eh – it was a survival game ! The space station : it crashed ! So I started over and choosed a more geometrical font and decided to scratch it using home made textures. Also, I remembered a draft Romain did on the logo, highlighting the “IO” by playing on colors. I  loved the idea, so I reused it ! I only added to this orange “IO” a classic visual element : the horizon curve of the planet. And it was it ! The logo was validated by everyone.

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